Style tips from the tube

Stuck in a style rut? Look to the small screen for inspiration. Add some drama to your life and prime your wardrobe for any situation a comedic storyline could throw at you.

1. Scooby-Doo

Our gal Velma was doing color blocking before it was a thing. Show off that curvy bod in shades of red and orange while you solve cases and fend off fiends. These two looks are sweet, hip, and of course incredibly nerdy. Odds are Daphne will be jealous when you hop into the Mystery Machine in these threads. Jinkies!

Velma style

2. Louie

Feeling a little darker? A bit more depressed? Got a bit of an ice cream gut that could be covered up some (so you can go eat more ice cream)? Take a cue from the F/X network’s favorite misanthrope, Louie, and hoodie up. This uniform includes a lot of comfortable cotton and in case you can’t tell, in Louie-land black is the new black. . . stupid. Look simply okay while you grumble or pick up a doughnut. Fancy fashion is for people who care.

Louie style

3. Three’s Company

True, not everyone’s a Louie. Some of us prefer to grab a few beers down at the Regal Beagle with our quirky roommate, stroll by the beach in a racer-back tank, or enjoy a juicy gossip session with Mrs. Roper. Rock some tight shorties and bubble gum pastels like the lovely Chrissy and for sure clomp around in some super high-heeled wedges. Careful not to trip though — save the pratfalls for Jack.

Three's Company style

4. The Golden Girls

Now, say Blanche Devereaux invites you to her favorite watering hole, The Rusty Anchor, for a night of picking up sexy available men. Well, you’re gonna need something spangly like a sequined top. Sequins = Sexy. Some blush-pink jeans will make Rose Nylund smile and minty green flat sandals will show Dorothy that you’re both fashion savvy and sensible. Add a signature Sophia wicker clutch and you’re golden.

Golden Girls style

5. Dexter

Dexter and the Golden Girls all live in Miami, but they might as well live in completely different worlds. If you’re looking for an outfit that better suits your serial killer vigilantism, you can’t go wrong channeling Dex with intense pops of blood red. Don’t-mess-with-me Louboutins that double as weapons are a must and don’t forget the gloves; you wouldn’t want to leave a fingerprint behind. Horizontal stripes on your trench connote your prison of secrecy, if not foreshadowing actual incarceration. A brown henley is a Dexter kill-suit basic and with a little red lipstick you’ll be looking fresh to death.

Dexter style

Ana Holguin writes PopHeart for The Idler.

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