PopHeart’s birthday wishlist

So, I’ve had a weird week and a terrible grumptastic day, so I am going to be completely childish and self-indulgent (kinda like always) and just make a post about things I want for my birthday. That’s right, refusing to apologize for the things I enjoy. Suck on that. And then give me all these things I want.*

Signed, July 8th Cancer crab baby.

1. Shoes. Yep. I always want shoes. These handsome grey Adidas would look pretty awesome with all my shorts situations. Comfy and stylish, retro but not outdated, these sneaks aren’t too nasty a kick in the money bags either. Size 7, please.


Adidas Julrunner, $64. www.adidas.com

2. I’m not much of a DVD buyer/collector. I have to *really* covet a film or TV show to purchase it because I’m not one to watch something over and over again. BUT, Louie is one of those shows that I can’t get enough of. . . which is probably weird. Most people I know feel deep discomfort when they walk through comedian Louie’s New York and see the world through his absurdist and depressing lens, but me, I ask for the DVD for my b-day.


Louie Season One, $20. www.amazon.com

3. Okay, so I’ve avoided LUSH products for a while (I keep myself from things I might become addicted to) but I succumbed this past week when I was in the giant Chicago Macy’s. The saleswoman at the LUSH counter gently washed my hand in a delicious-smelling organic handmade shampoo — I looked like a freak the rest of that day because I could not stop sniffing my sweetly softened hand (coconut, avocado oil, sea salt…mmm). Bought the shampoo, but now, NOW I need conditioner! It’s one of those If You Give a Mouse a Cookie situations, ya know? Can you help me?


American Cream, $10-$30. www.lushusa.com

4. Last year around this time of the summer, my scruffy rescue dog Enzo lost all feeling in his back legs due to intervertebral disc disease. I thought he was going to die because we couldn’t afford his surgery, but friends, family, and wonderful people I’ve never even met helped us pay for his care and Enzo made a nearly complete recovery. This dog dude has been through a lot — abuse, he was hit by a car, and then he lost his legs and regained them. I would very much like a 30s style cartoon of my fuzzy buddy to remind me how much we’ve both survived and that even when you’ve had a hard life, it’s possible to find kindness, care, and cuddles.

30s dog

Tattoo, lots of $$$. Maybe at Lansing’s Eclectic Tattoo Shop?

5. Things I need to battle my anxiety and feel calm? Therapy and yoga. Things that are expensive? Therapy and yoga. With therapy at least my health insurance helps me out, but with yoga I typically need to shell out the cash for the amazing exercise and good feelings. Gift certificates to feel goods, please. I will be less cranky in your presence, so it’s really a gift for all of us.


Yoga punch card or monies toward the yogs, all donations welcome.

6. When I go to yoga, well, I sweat. Like, I make puddles and slide around and sprout drops of water all over my bod. For my safety and honestly just to help me be less gross, I would like one of these here Yogitoes towels. They come in an array of bright colors (there’s even a rainbow one!) and they keep you dry and secure on your mat. Added bonus: I’ll look like a total yoga person when I get one of these — it’s serious gear. . . maybe I’m just hip and not a sweaty mess. Just maybe.


Yogitoes skidless yoga mat, $51. www.moosejaw.com

*Drinks, ice cream, and karaoke would also be appreciated.

Ana Holguin writes PopHeart for The Idler.

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