52/1: The varieties of horror

I’d like to clear up a bit of a myth — you can actually follow either Animal Man or Swamp Thing without reading the other. Writers Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder have clearly spent the first year of the two titles building a common world with a number of common elements and themes, but they … Continue reading

Here We Go Again: Another NHL Lockout

The worst part of being an addict is the lack of a fix. I’m an NHL addict. I read NHL blogs, listen to NHL podcasts, follow NHL writers and players on Twitter, and even had a brief writing gig for a hockey blog (a weekly column about fantasy hockey). Heck, I even had a weekly … Continue reading

Reading with my ears

With this whole being pregnant thing going on, I’m exhausted all the time. Add in trying to get freelance writing work (impossible), preparing the nursery and learning everything about pregnancy and infants (daunting), and trying to secure a mortgage for our house (lots of paperwork), I haven’t had a lot of time to read books. … Continue reading

Of Twitter and tifosi

Rivalries — particularly between organizations — intrigue me. The rivalry between Ferrari and McLaren is particularly interesting, especially considering the relatively small world of Formula 1. I’ve touched on this before — twelve teams make up the current Formula 1 ranks. While each team employs hundreds to staff their Formula 1 operations, the actual number … Continue reading

52/1: Myth and wonder, blood and brothers

One year into DC’s reboot of their primary continuity, known as the New 52, Idler comics writer Matt Santori-Griffith and co-editor Gavin Craig are taking stock of some of the high points. This week, they talk about Wonder Woman’s revitalized mythology, and how family seems to be a central concern of the best titles of … Continue reading

Style icons: Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein is rock and roll fun Riot Grrl, band member of Sleater Kinney and Wild Flag, Carrie Brownstein is most recently famous for her work as a laugh-riot-girl on the ever quirky and strange IFC comedy series, Portlandia. Though this feminist chica is hot and awesome for both her talents and rockin’ ways, I’m … Continue reading

52/1: The girl most likely to

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve wanted to write this column since before I had a column to write. And I’ve had butterflies in my stomach about it for almost just as long. Batgirl, and by extension its cowl-bearing character Barbara Gordon, isn’t just my favorite book on the stands. She’s my … Continue reading

Hudson Hawk (Yes, Hudson Hawk)

The range of my taste in film covers a wide area. If my tastes were represented by a country’s land area, it would be Russia. Despite my fiancée’s insistence that I don’t like any film made after 2000 — mainly because I had not watched Superbad until last week — I enjoy many different films. … Continue reading

The great obligation

Book group started this week with me sequestered in the backyard. I had about half an hour to read the last 50 pages of The Great Gatsby and I was not allowed to enter the kitchen (my kitchen) and hang out with my friends until I was done. My friend Tiffany, who was the main … Continue reading

No atheists in foxholes, no Saints on the gridiron

A few short months ago, rumors began circulating that the Saints were being investigated for what many would consider to be foul play. After a period of speculation and anticipation, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the Templar of Player Safety, dropped the hammer. Head Coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year, the Saints organization was … Continue reading