Style icons: Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein is rock and roll fun

Riot Grrl, band member of Sleater Kinney and Wild Flag, Carrie Brownstein is most recently famous for her work as a laugh-riot-girl on the ever quirky and strange IFC comedy series, Portlandia. Though this feminist chica is hot and awesome for both her talents and rockin’ ways, I’m also totally crushing on girlfriend’s wardrobe. Carrie Brownstein, you are a style icon!

onstage Carrie’s style is basic, but hip. It’s relaxed and simple while quietly purring “rrrrrrawk.” There’s a tomboyish aspect to her uniform as she tends to live in jeans and shorts, but the cut and fit are everything. Her pants are always perfectly snug giving her a sleek sexy vibe even as she doesn’t show much skin. Her shorts, though they show off her great legs, often give off a cheeky appeal as she pairs them with tucked in, button-down shirts. These clean tailored outfits present a punked-up boy scout vibe and remind one a little of another musical school boy, AC/DC’s Angus Young. Brownstein’s shirts are either crisp, oxford style tops with short or rolled sleeves, or femme floaty blouses, perhaps with a little sheen or sheerness. When she sports the latter and throws on a sweet pair of speckled tights on under those shorties, the outfit becomes a magical amalgam of retro flirtatiousness and modern bad-assery. Now, granted, some of this comes with context. She’s up on stage, rollicking, strumming her guitar and singing her lungs out all while writhing to the music, flicking her head back and punctuating her performance with a high kick or two; this behavior paired with the sugary diaphanous tops is fashion balance to T. She soaks those dolly blouses in rocker sweat, shreds those tights like she does her guitar. Oh, and her rough and tumble, short-stack-heeled leather ankle booties — yeah, they’re, again, just the right mix of tough and cute. Work it out, head to toe, CB.

Now, to make Brownstein’s style our own, as we are but mortals and not rock goddesses, we must up the ante a little in the accessory department. Grab all the basics, some grey, eggplant, or even lilac colored tight skinnies and your well-fitted buttoned and/or artsy-Portland-gal tops, but then add some studded earrings or a tough black leather cuff for more masculine umph. Miu Miu-inspired glitter boots are all the rage this season; find your knock-off pair and let your kicks bespeak your rock and roll lifestyle. Keep the look simple for ultimate chicness. Maybe let a structured, full coverage, pretty bra show through under your see-through shirt, but do remember to always temper the sex-pot of it all. Keep the hair messy bedhead in style and the makeup minimal — a swath of red on the pout if you feel like causing a ruckus. The Carrie look is cool and unassuming with a strut that’s willing and waiting to show itself. Put on some Wild Flag. Shake out your waves. Find your strut.

CB's set

Ana Holguin writes PopHeart for The Idler.

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