Style Icons: Sofia Coppola

Born into a major Hollywood family, a lot of Sofia Coppola’s career has been critiqued as a product of nepotism. After all, it can’t be too hard to break into the movie biz when Francis Ford Coppola is your daddy. I’m not one of her haters though. Beyond her elegant and heart-wrenching screenwriting, her directorial portrayals of femininity as both fragile and fierce, I’m pulled to this Coppola’s strength of aesthetics. There’s just something about Sofia.

Movies like Lost in Translation (2003), The Virgin Suicides (1999), and Marie Antionette (2006) possess a mesmerizing visual power as Coppola creates moods with meticulous settings, washes of color, and scenes framed to capture both the agony and the ecstasy of any given moment. I love how she is invested in the bittersweet and how she uses style to express the affective register of her films.

It’s no surprise, then, that her personal style is likewise consistent, nuanced, and impeccable. Coppola’s closet is marked by a heavy rotation of classy basics. She doesn’t dip into every trend, though you will see her don an artsy piece of modern construction or fresh cut for formal events. In general, her look is cool, chic, laid-back, easy, but definitely put-together. Her take on feminine is simple with a few soft flourishes like a 70’s style tie-neck blouse, or a sweet yet polished Peter Pan collar. When capturing her look, aim for well fitted pants that skim curves, but not too tightly. Dark-wash bootcut or slightly flared trouser jeans maintain a balance between casual comfort and strong lines that can take you just about anywhere. Though you’ll see her in simple or artsy pumps, the ease of her look is best expressed with classic flats. Think minimal fuss, but with a bit of interest — a metallic bow detail or some other clean, modern extra, but nothing too heavily patterned or garrish. Coppola acheives her just-threw-this-on appeal with garments that aren’t overtly sexy, or girly. Fit for her is loose, but not sloppy and a structured bag and well-cut coat temper the flowy lines of the rest of her outfit.

When taking a cue from Sofia, less is more. Find comfortable pieces that aren’t overtly feminine, but are soft and easy. Focus on fit and play up unexpected palettes and details. This style icon is not about blaring statements, but thoughtful assemblages that create a feel, an air, a subtle and tasteful impression.

Sofia's style

Ana Holguin writes PopHeart for The Idler.

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