Editor’s note: As of June 1, 2013, Idlermag.com will no longer be publishing new material, but will remain available as an archive.

Welcome to Idlermag.com

This is a place to read about things we all enjoy: Food, music, film, television, games, sports, and anything else we can think of. We cover the new and the not-so-new, but mostly the not-so-new. We’ll write about last week’s game and that new film that really caught our attention. But we’ll also write about the music that we keep listening to years later, the shows that pop up in our Netflix queue, and eating comfort foods while playing Monopoly during a recession.

Ours is a nostalgia-drenched culture, but this is not a nostalgia site. We watch films now. We listen to music now. We love Kirk Gibson, Bobby Higginson, and Miguel Cabrera. We play old video games on new machines.

We refuse to apologize for the things we enjoy.

Most of all, this will be a place for intelligent, attentive, and distinctive voices. Sometimes we’ll be clever, sometimes we’ll be thoughtful, but we’ll always be fun to read.

5 Responses to “About”
  1. Hello, The Idler. I’m writing from The Idler, a magazine I founded 20 years ago, and have been continuously publishing since then. We just came across your “Idler”. I’m afraid that I think you may need to change your name, or we might have a very good case for “passing off”. Also we’ve had a few people getting the two mixed up. Looking forward to your response, Tom Hodgkinson, editor, The Idler (th@idler.co.uk)

  2. hartspring says:

    Might you apologize for loving the title of someone else’s magazine? Perhaps you could rename yours Esquire or Newsweek or the Boston Phoenix.

  3. I now notice that you are using our name on Twitter. This is a polite request to desist. Could I also have a reply to my emails about your name. Tom Hodgkinson

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