Erin Hansman

Profile: Doctor Erin Hansman (not that kind of doctor) is an avid enthusiast of Formula 1. When not following ‘the pinnacle of international motor racing’ she works for a small, private university in the middle of Missouri wrangling databases, preparing reports, and developing new ways to do things. It’s not a bad way to spend the day. The American F1 community is steadily growing although membership still carries something of a club-like status. American fans aren’t spoon-fed their information, to live in the US and be knowledgeable of F1 -- its sport and drama, its key players -- requires dedication and commitment. It is here, in this small-world, social networking environment that Erin’s excitement, enthusiasm and her in-depth knowledge thrives, interacting with the F1 community, galvanizing the passion. For the record, Erin outsourced this bio, as writing in the third person gives her hives.

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