No atheists in foxholes, no Saints on the gridiron

A few short months ago, rumors began circulating that the Saints were being investigated for what many would consider to be foul play. After a period of speculation and anticipation, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the Templar of Player Safety, dropped the hammer. Head Coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year, the Saints organization was … Continue reading

A fate worse than death

I’m writing this essay acknowledging how precarious it is to take what would appear to be a dissenting stance in the aftermath of what took place at Pennsylvania State University for only God knows how long. I would like to, if possible, sensibly evaluate the repercussions of PSU’s behavior. I am aware of how I … Continue reading

The B(s)CS strikes again

I can still remember the debates on local sports radio channels when I moved to Michigan in 2006 concerning a possible rematch between Ohio State and Michigan in the 2007 BCS Championship Game. However I will have to beg the reader’s pardon because being from the South, I am simply unable to replicate all of … Continue reading