Interview with Neil Jackson

Actor, writer, producer. Villain, vampire, coach. Neil Jackson has worn many faces. In America, he’s known for his performances in Push (2009), Quantum of Solace (2008), Alexander (2004), Blade: The Series and ABC’s Make It or Break It. His British acting resume is equally rich, including such series as Heartbeat, Ultimate Force, Silent Witness, Dream … Continue reading

Kassandra Heller, Eric Orchard, Rebecca Dart, Alexis Barattin

Peeps to watch out for is a look at some of the next generation of up-and-coming creative people in the arts. For this installment, I’ve selected four very different and very, very talented artists working in book and graphic novel illustration, animation design, and more. With an emphasis on 2D illustration, these artists started out … Continue reading

Reed Gunther: An interview with Shane and Chris Houghton

Shane and Chris Houghton are pretty excited. Reed Gunther Volume 1 came out last week, and it’s the first graphic novel ever for their hit comic book series about the affable misadventures of the beguiling, bear-riding cowboy of the same name. Created, written and drawn by the Houghtons, this trade paperback from Image Comics collects … Continue reading

Interview with Peter S. Beagle

Peter S. Beagle is one of the greatest fantasy authors of our time. He is a novelist, poet, screenwriter, songwriter and — in the words of Tad Williams — “a bandit prince out to steal readers’ hearts.” He wrote his first novel A Fine and Private Place (1960) when he was only nineteen years old. … Continue reading

Mark Indelicato

Mark Indelicato is most known for his role on ABC’s Ugly Betty as Justin Suarez, Betty’s sharp-witted and kind-hearted nephew. But the young actor and singer has recently begun trying his hand at fashion journalism and photography, and has grown into quite a style inspiration. Today, I have the pleasure of chatting with Mark about … Continue reading

Sugarpill: An interview with Amy Doan

Amy Doan is a one-woman powerhouse who is equal parts kind, fun, unpretentious and driven. I first met her online in 2004, and it’s been wonderful to watch her go from her hot independent clothing line, Shrinkle, to her new runaway brainchild, Sugarpill Cosmetics. Sugarpill is a custom line of richly-pigmented eyeshadows in paint-bright, show-stopping … Continue reading

Flipside: year one

1. What was your first column? My first column for The Idler was “The passions of John Waters”, about Waters’ 2010 memoir Role Models. The nice thing about writing nonfiction articles is that you’re not usually forced to revisit them. It’s easier to plow ahead onto the next piece, unlike novel-writing, where the length and … Continue reading

Wayne Barlowe

Wayne Barlowe is a living legend in the world of science fiction painting and creature art. Classically-trained at The Cooper Union, he became an award-winning author at age twenty-one with his first painted book, Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials (1979). Since then, his work has been seen in Life, Time and Newsweek magazines, on trading cards … Continue reading

Apathy Angel, Judson Harmon, Nadia Aboulhosn, Seth Nayes

“Peeps to Watch Out For” is a look at some of the next generation of up-and-coming creative people in the arts. For the first installment of this addition to The Idler, I’m excited to introduce you to four edgy and innovative performers, models and fashionistas who are creating buzz on the entertainment and fashion circuits … Continue reading

My life in liquid: beverages I have known, loved and exploited

Beverages have represented different things to me at various times in my life, and I find that my drink preferences can be easily broken down into clearly defined eras, each with its own, distinctive needs. Those needs were not always satiated, but boy, it didn’t stop me from trying using whatever was sloshing around in … Continue reading