EarthBound: Getting started, getting started

EarthBound is a challenging choice for the Gamers’ Club for the same reason, hopefully, that it will be an interesting one. Last week, I wrote that playing EarthBound made one a member of an exclusive club, which is true mostly because the game itself is so hard to find. The only official release of EarthBound … Continue reading

EarthBound: A spiteful crow stole my breadroll

Unlike many other RPGs (“Role-Playing Games” for you Normals), EarthBound (for Super Nintendo) has you name all of the characters at the start of the game, even though you won’t see all of them until later. I indulged a bit and set Ness’s name as Dan, but kept the rest of the names their defaults: … Continue reading

EarthBound: I just don’t know

Despite the screenshot, I am not entirely sure about this game. The game mechanics themselves are uninspired. Kill stuff and gain experience to get new abilities and increase incomprehensible stats at a mathematically consistent rate. And, as I mentioned last time, the enemies are brutal, a misplaced heal and you’re done, which means a lot … Continue reading

EarthBound: All my friends are in there

I decided to try another play-through blog series, and this time it is EarthBound for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (both of my readers will remember my previous adventure, Final Fantasy VII Revisited). I have many, many fond memories of EarthBound. Sure, the graphics may appear very dated by today’s standards, but I am certain … Continue reading

EarthBound: Starting blind

In what is becoming a familiar position for me, I’m coming into this hopelessly, happily blind. I’ve never played EarthBound before. I’ve heard rumors and conspiracy theories about this strange game from a strange series, most of which has never been available in the US. (Maybe I’ll talk about the strange theories later, but suffice … Continue reading

EarthBound: Pay phones and save states

I taken more stabs at this Earthbound/Mother 2 than I care to admit and each time I ended up the one murdered. Heaven knows it isn’t the weirdness. I’ve spent the better part of my life in weirdness, much of which happens to be Japanese. FLCL and The Tatami Galaxy, both coming-of-age, fourth-wall breaking, culturally … Continue reading

Clearly, the time was right

For all you Final Fantasy junkies, just as the Gamers’ Club playthough of Final Fantasy VII has wrapped up, Kirk Hamilton and Leigh Alexander at Paste are working on a playthrough of their own. You can check it out at

And just in case you need to catch up (or want to compare and contrast), The Gamer’s Club FFVII playthrough got started here, here, and here, and a full archive is available here.

FFVII: The end

At last. This experiment is finally at an end. Sort of. By sort of, I mean I defeated the game—specifically Sephiroth in all of his forms—and watched the end movies. But am I finished? Hardly. There is a lot of game left. Sigh. I saved in the North Crater just before the final battles, which … Continue reading

FFVII: Now that’s an ending

As promised last week, it’s done. Sephiroth has gone down. The logistics: I’ve been playing with the final battle party, and while my last go-round might have worked if the game hadn’t frozen up on me, I did things a bit differently this time. Before making my way into the Northern Crater, I stocked up … Continue reading

FFVII: It is finished

Well, sort of. Real men, as a friend quipped, kill Emerald Weapon, not Sephiroth, for old time’s sake. And, I suppose, he’s right, considering how easy it is to bear Sephiroth, but it doesn’t make me any less happy to be done with the game. Don’t here what I am not saying, I love FFVII … Continue reading