What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Gavin Craig: I’m not really the romantic sort. That said, I’m facing a perfect storm this Valentine’s Day. It’s the ten-year anniversary of my first date with my wife. (Yeah, that’s right. Our first date was on Valentine’s Day. What?) We eloped exactly six months later. And a year after that, we did a ceremony … Continue reading

What was the best (or worst) catch phrase from 2010?

Ana Holguin: In my house, this year’s Best Catch Phrase/New Word Award goes to “dubs.” Months ago my husband Matt was playing The Settlers of Cataan and our friend Adam announced that he had “dubs sheep.” I was painting in the next room as I am completely uninterested in most games of strategy or storytelling … Continue reading

What was your favorite music of 2010?

Jill Kolongowski: Along with many others, I really fell in love with Mumford & Sons. It turns out there are still bands that make real music, after all. Rosemary Van Deuren: Most definitely Gogol Bordello’s marvelous Trans Continental Hustle. It’s the 5th studio album by the New York gypsy-punk band, and their sound and manifesto … Continue reading

What was your favorite rediscovery of 2010?

Jill Kolongowski: I’ve rediscovered that you can always make time for yourself to cook. That’s a great gift. Rosemary Van Deuren: Kino’s gorgeous new Metropolis on Blu-ray. Even the hardest-to-please, film-restoration purists will fall off their couch at this one. 25 minutes of footage assumed lost for over 70 years was discovered in a film … Continue reading

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?

Jill Kolongowski: A few years ago, I went to buy RENT tickets for my sister. Too late, I realized it was only the presale, and the actual tickets wouldn’t go on sale until after Christmas, when there was a chance we wouldn’t get tickets at all. I needed a password for the presale. On a … Continue reading

What’s your favorite holiday music?

Ana Holguin: In my world, you can’t go wrong with Christmas Cocktails by Ultra Lounge. It’s filled with quirky and swingy Xmas favorites that I must admit I sometimes listen to during the non-yule parts of the year. If you’ve ever thought that “Jingle Bells” needed a “cha-cha-cha” after each verse or you like the … Continue reading

What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

Jill Kolongowski—I suppose if I were to answer this honestly, I’d have to say EVERY SCARY MOVIE EVER. I don’t do well with them because I have vivid nightmares. I stopped watching horror movies after The Ring, not necessarily because it’s the scariest movie ever, but because I could not get the images out of … Continue reading