Super Mario Bros. (Yes, the movie)

The recent video game film, Wreck-It Ralph (2012), has been called by some “the best video game movie ever made.” On the surface, that sounds like quite the endorsement, but if you dig deeper, such a title doesn’t carry much weight when you look at the rest of the sample in question. In short, it … Continue reading

The alien on my DVR

It probably says a lot about me that the first show I ever recorded with a DVR was ALF. No, not some new reboot. The original show from the 1980s. Yes, I now have access to a state of the art TV recording device, and I use it to record sitcom reruns. Don’t judge. Like … Continue reading

The Golden Child

Eddie Murphy has made plenty of odd films. But, at least his odd film of the 1980s was odd in an interesting way, not because he wore a fat suit. The Golden Child (1986) is odd, because it blends action, comedy, fantasy, and elements of Chinese mysticism. Sound familiar? Yes, Big Trouble in Little China … Continue reading

Hard Target

Hard Target (1993) will always go down as “John Woo’s first American film.” But, it should also go down as a hell of a crazy movie. Crazy in an entertaining way no less (at least to me). In Hard Target you have a movie with mid-prime Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lance Henriksen (who always excels at … Continue reading

Hudson Hawk (Yes, Hudson Hawk)

The range of my taste in film covers a wide area. If my tastes were represented by a country’s land area, it would be Russia. Despite my fiancĂ©e’s insistence that I don’t like any film made after 2000 — mainly because I had not watched Superbad until last week — I enjoy many different films. … Continue reading