Red lentil Thai chili

Sometimes I get bored of cooking. Actually, I often get bored of cooking. The idea of cooking one of the same five meals I have in rotation makes me just uuuugh and the idea of finding a new recipe and trudging to the store like a jerk to get all the stuff for it sounds … Continue reading

The other f-word: On the use and misuse of “fat”

After finishing my eating plan, I promptly went up north with my family and boomeranged in the other direction. The cottage up north is a land filled with Cheetos and licorice and s’mores and beer. Our altar is the kitchen counter. It’s one of my favorite things about the cottage. But after doing my eating … Continue reading

Convalescence and counting calories

Dear readers, remember that time I said that counting calories was bullshit? Well, I still think that’s true. But now I’m just a hypocrite. A few months ago, after six months of rock climbing and a long walk in bad shoes, I sprained my big toe. Despite being one of the lamest possible injuries, it … Continue reading

Quit cooking, start reading

Even as a nonfiction writer, I’ve already managed to lie to you before I even start. Quit cooking, start reading is not quite true — I pretty much never stop reading. Not to eat, brush my teeth, not even when cleaning the kitchen or taking a walk. I read my way through the winter hibernation … Continue reading

Instead, dinner sort of sucked: Polenta

A month or so ago, I bought a tube of pre-cooked polenta (which, if you don’t know, is a sort of cornmeal) in a fit of optimism and adventure. I had no idea how to cook polenta. I had no idea how I was supposed to eat polenta or what I was supposed to eat … Continue reading

Butter, browned

I like to think I can work hard on some things, but for the most part, I’ll take the lazy route if you let me. So lately my cooking has consisted of an arsenal of 10 dinners or so and just cycling through them, week after week. Finding a new recipe takes time and then … Continue reading

Summer desserts: Icebox cake

When I first moved to California, I had completely unrealistic expectations about the weather. I expected it to be beach weather at all times, with no need for socks or jackets or anything practical. As it turns out, my sense of geography is terrible and California is bigger than I realized, with climates to match. … Continue reading

On eating your feelings

Dear readers, thanks for your patience while I’ve been writing less frequently. After spending almost a year on the application process, I was lucky enough to get into a few MFA programs, and have been spending my time either driving across the state to visit programs or wallowing in anxiety about visiting programs. I realize … Continue reading

Biscuits and vegetarian gravy, with apologies

I’m a breakfast purist. Even if, like yesterday, I’m not up and out of bed until noon, I’m having breakfast for my first meal of the day. No cold pizza or soggy leftover bullshit. Breakfast is way too good to miss out on. I also have strict ideas about what breakfast should be. For example, … Continue reading

On snacking

When I lived in Boston, most of my paycheck went to rent my drafty, crooked-floored apartment, and the rest went to food. And alcohol, if I’m being truthful. I didn’t have a car, so I only bought as many groceries as I could carry. That meant there was no room (or money) for me to … Continue reading