Things you should be paying attention to

1. Remember my Octodad review? Well, they are making a sequel thanks to Kickstarter. And they’ve re-released Octodad in celebration: In order to properly celebrate this occasion we’ve decided to release an updated version of Octodad 1 with TWO NEW LEVELS! Right now only the Windows v1.5 is available due to some issues with Mac’s … Continue reading

Guns of Icarus

If you are anything like me, you got sick of steampunk around the same time you stopped reading Boing Boing. My initial delight with steampunk is almost certainly connected to my love of good sci-fi and fantasy. The connection between magic and technology is nearly essential for the genre, if only for two reasons: My … Continue reading

My desperate search

Remember the days of yore? When you were still watching cartoons on a TV without a remote. Summers meant no school, poison ivy, scraped knees, and Super Soakers. The simpler times when Yars’ Revenge still blew your mind. But some time, after hundreds (who am I kidding?) thousands of hours of gaming, if you are … Continue reading

Bored at work?

Pathos Pathos is a strange, but delightful browser flash game/story thing about a boy who is impossible. At roughly five minutes, it’s better experienced than explained. The Great Gatsby (For NES) The music is absolutely top shelf. A retro platformer, from the title screen, Gatsby completely captures the feel of the early NES games. Of … Continue reading


It takes a pretty special game to get a non-gamer artist and Newton historian, a former gamer (distracted by graduate studies in Chinese history), and myself to sit in a cramped room in front on one computer. This game, which I have mentioned before, is Minecraft. A game that is essentially about using the randomly … Continue reading

A day in the life

This morning, around eleven, I rolled out of bed and into my computer chair to peruse this morning’s news. I took a sip of water—only to realize it was from yesterday evening—when it struck me: I hadn’t written this week’s Idler piece. So, I rolled up my sleeves, gave myself a good stretch, and promptly … Continue reading

Essential indie games

A short list of games that are part of my canon (this is a nice way of saying that if you haven’t played these, you can’t be my friend). 1. Passage It’s a game about life. Further description, if you haven’t played it, will spoil this 20 minute game. So, after playing it (and only … Continue reading

Grief, memory, and a video game

We Simones are an exceedingly practical, if not irreverant, folk regarding death. Case and point: last year, over Christmas dinner, we discussed who would be the executor of my father and step-mother’s will without blinking an eye (thankfully, my sister got the short end of that stick). And, not two days ago, my father taught … Continue reading