Blood in the water cupcakes

Sorry, did you say the summer of 2012 would have The Dark Knight Rises, The Olympics, AND the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week? I couldn’t hear you over all the awesome. Having seen The Dark Knight Rises (twice) and having lost interest in the Olympics about halfway through, Shark Week is all I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

Cheesiest Valentine’s Day ever

TV advertising and the insane amount of heart themed decorations at my local supermarché have notified me that Valentine’s Day has rolled around yet again. I’ve mentioned before I don’t really care about this “holiday.”  It might sound like I’m trying to be cool with the anti-Valentine’s Day attitude, but I seriously don’t think about it. … Continue reading

Dumb internet shit

Because I like learning random things I often like to Stumble the internet.  Sometimes this activity leads me to see all sorts of wonderful things — brilliant photography, interesting TED talks, new recipes, pertinent news stories, things I’m happy to have seen.  Other times it just leads me to see some of the dumbest shit, … Continue reading

Wishlist: Thoughtcicles

Living in Boston so far has included a lot of walking, listening to music, watching movies and British television, web surfing, baking and cooking and wanting these things: Theremin — shop for it here For anyone unfamiliar with a Theremin it’s the wonderful machine that makes that cool flying saucer noise! Used for the soundtracks … Continue reading

Very special Halloween specials

Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday. Costumes, candy, and best of all, lots of terrific classic scary movies and Halloween specials! Back in the day Sister and I would come home from trick-or-treating to a warm house where we’d salivate in anticipation while our parents checked our candy. We’d darken the living room and switch … Continue reading

Bad swag

Novelty items are popular.  People can’t help buying silly, whimsical merchandise if they think the joke is hysterical or their love for geekery is strong enough.  I am no exception.  I used to own a Kermit the Frog phone.  If the items double as something moderately useful then so much the better! (I’m looking at … Continue reading

Natural monsters

My recreational research of animals and overactive imagination means I often entertain the idea of the possibility of movie monsters being real things.  For me this is my normal thought process and I don’t understand why everyone else isn’t more scared of this shit.  Glow-in-the-dark cat clones are part of our world, what’s so off-the-wall about … Continue reading

The Doctor is in

We had gorgeous weather in my new neighborhood this past weekend, though I hardly got to enjoy any of it on account of being knocked on my arse by my own traitorous sinuses. With sickness comes a lot of time spent languishing under warm blankets and snuggling into fluffy pillows while I wish away my … Continue reading

Thoughtcicles: year one

1. What was your first column? My first column was “Batman, a memoir in media.” Kevin Mattison had been inviting and nudging me to write a piece for The Idler for a while (dude has faith in me) and my brain box just wasn’t feeling a good vibe with anything I would come up with. … Continue reading

The most wonderful time of the year

There is a time of year I anticipate more than any other, dear readers, and that time is upon us. I love this time of year so much that it causes a real, pressing, heart shrinking anxiety within me to have to miss it, all because I don’t have cable. I speak of the glory … Continue reading