Catharsis in F major

For the last several months I have been patiently seated in om position on a lofty pedestal of standards and expectations, under the impression that I was acting as a receptor for messages from the universe. Messages about romantic harmony and tolerance and a number of other virtues that catastrophe had tricked me into caring … Continue reading

Kate Moss’s truth

If one more person approaches me about my weight loss in the hushed whisper of a confidante seeking a dangerous voodoo secret, I may look them straight in the eye and in the same hushed tones, say, “Pain and misery you dumb fucker. Can’t you do simple math?” Not too long ago, Kate Moss took … Continue reading


The sun is setting in France, sherbet melting down the trees. You tell me about this, describing Rouen, the fresh scallops you sautéed for dinner, all of the little dogs you’ve seen waiting patiently for their owners outside of cafés. And I place you, face down, on my bed. Photograph by photograph, pulled from the … Continue reading

Textual harassment

Drunken texty-thumbs can get the best of anyone. There’s actually an iPhone application that makes you solve math problems in order to determine if you are sober enough to be peppering your contacts with messages at 2 a.m. on a Saturday. Alcohol dissolves some people’s electronic boundaries, giving them the liquid courage necessary to make … Continue reading

Food porn

Just which set of lips is this supposed to wet, exactly? I ask myself. It’s late, I am alone, bathed in the light of the television, taking in noises of pleasure that transcend all language barriers. You can’t blame me for watching. I flipped to it on accident. And now I can’t look away. The … Continue reading

Drinking & lifing

Living in a college town, when you are still young enough to occasionally be confused with the undergrads and happen to be a grad student yourself (even though you are going to school on nights and weekends while holding down a full-time job), it’s not easy to admit this. In fact, what I am about … Continue reading