Gaying up Gotham

I was always sure I loved Batman. In fact, I was so sure that I never took the time to actually get to know him. It was a celebrity crush that dissolved as quickly as when I read Bieber’s autobio: First Step 2 Forever: My Story. It’s not pretty, friends, this broken heart of mine. … Continue reading

Worth the wait

For years, Batman fans have suffered. Though many of us are avid video game players (it should be no surprise that a large portion of the demographics for comic books and video games overlap), we’ve been presented with subpar game after subpar game. Jump, run, throw things, and repeat until you get to the guy … Continue reading

They knew it was Batman Week reports that “4 pages of 1939 production proofs from Detective Comics #27 [the first appearance of Batman] just surfaced, having been in the possession of a man living in an apartment building were Bob Kane once lived, who rescued it from the curbside trash some 45 years ago.” There’s some great pics. Check it … Continue reading

Joker Veidt: He who laughs last, laughs best

Despite the fact that my fiancé has drawn a hell of a lot of comics, we are not superhero people. We are, however, silent movie people, and apparently we weren’t the first to notice that the grotesque, prosthetic smile once worn onscreen by German actor Conrad Veidt looks an awful lot like the Joker. As … Continue reading

Batman: a memoir in media

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been a fan of Batman. As a young girl who wasn’t one to read anything unless I had to, I never (and still haven’t, I’m only mildly ashamed to say) got into the comic books. I’m certain I’m still allowed to love Batman despite this fact. … Continue reading

What makes the Bat?

In honor of the upcoming The Dark Knight sequel (and the continuing and somewhat problematic Christian Bale interpretation of Bruce Wayne), here are five key traits of the Batman, according to Gavin. (Sources will be cited, but like Frank Miller’s bat-universe, my bat-universe may diverge slightly from accepted continuity.) 1. Bruce Wayne is the mask. … Continue reading

The decade’s best in film villainy

There is nothing like a truly great villain.  Heroes are simple. You get the kitten out of the tree because it’s the right thing to do.  But what kind of diabolical mind would even think to put the kitten there in the first place? Great villains peel back the layers and reveal our darkest nature. They make us think.

And so, with my “kitten in the tree” argument in place, I submit that the past decade has offered us five truly phenomenal movie villains.  Here they are, in order of haircut originality:

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