Year One: Editors’ picks

The editors of The Idler are a shadowy, self-effacing crew. But to help celebrate the site’s birthday, they put together a list (in no particular order) of some of their favorite pieces from The Idler‘s most frequent columnists. It’s been an amazing first year, and they claim to be very much looking forward to the … Continue reading

Getting back in the mix

The past few weeks I’ve been writing about the music that “made my list” for 2010. I had a snippet column where I gave some hints and I have talked about three of those four releases. But as I approach the fourth mix I do need to let you all in on a little secret. … Continue reading

Chemical dependence

Chemical Brothers—Further Released June 22, 2010 I can’t remember where I first heard their music, but I can remember where I first heard about their music. It was in a year end issue of the NME in 1996. It was actually the year-end issue for 1995 and there was the standard year-end review of the … Continue reading

On my way

Aziz Ansari—Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening Released January 18, 2010 I love comedy records. Always have. Wrote about them a few months ago. I love finding something new, something that makes me laugh out loud, something that just brings joy like a good comedy record does. This is one of those CDs. I have … Continue reading

White sky

Vampire Weekend—Contra Released January 11, 2010. I’ll admit it. Had I seen this band prior to hearing them I probably wouldn’t have given them a chance. Silly, I know. Even as I began to want the first record by Vampire Weekend I was slightly off put by their discography, background and, yes, their look. Thankfully … Continue reading

The Netflix b-list

Netflix instant viewing has been both a blessing and a curse for an indecisive movie fan like me. Finally the video store has come to your living room and I, for one, am a bit overwhelmed. Sometimes, I’ll lose a whole hour of my life to aimlessly scanning the catalogue finding myself attracted to so … Continue reading

I got yer “best films of 2010” list right here!

It’s 2011.  Another year bites the dust.  The last thing the world needs is another “best films of the year” list, right?  Every film site has one, not to mention the “official” lists compiled by SAG, The Hollywood Foreign Press and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the later of which is far too long, … Continue reading

The sun and the (Heavy) Rain

There’s fairly broad agreement that Sony/Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain was one of the great games of 2010. awarded it “Game of the Year” for PS3. It was a finalist for PS3 Game of the Year on Spike TV’s Video Game Awards. (It lost to God of War III, but c’mon, this was Spike TV.) … Continue reading

What was the best (or worst) catch phrase from 2010?

Ana Holguin: In my house, this year’s Best Catch Phrase/New Word Award goes to “dubs.” Months ago my husband Matt was playing The Settlers of Cataan and our friend Adam announced that he had “dubs sheep.” I was painting in the next room as I am completely uninterested in most games of strategy or storytelling … Continue reading

What was your favorite music of 2010?

Jill Kolongowski: Along with many others, I really fell in love with Mumford & Sons. It turns out there are still bands that make real music, after all. Rosemary Van Deuren: Most definitely Gogol Bordello’s marvelous Trans Continental Hustle. It’s the 5th studio album by the New York gypsy-punk band, and their sound and manifesto … Continue reading