Silence is golden. . . maybe

The Artist is a much cheekier film than I had expected going in, because as much as it strives for (and attains) authenticity it also spends a good deal of time winking at those who don’t like (or at least think they don’t like) silent films. Its story is a sort of mash-up of Singing … Continue reading

One must put away childish things

Pixar is money, pure and simple. They have raised the bar on the animated film, having mastered the ability to engage a child while still holding the interest of an adult. The Toy Story series has always been pretty kid-centric but not without its mature themes. Toy Story 3 heads into infinity and almost beyond … Continue reading

This dream must be madness

It’s wet, cold and icy and I’m on my way to the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak to see Black Swan. I shouldn’t be out, but there are ten friggin’ best picture nominees and I’ve got to get rolling. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow. I shake off the cold (and the rage I … Continue reading

Survival is nothing more than recovery

As big a fan of the movie theatre experience as I am, I must admit that some films really are best viewed at home, curled up under a blanket in the dark. There is something about that level of intimacy that allows a film to really envelop you before truly sinking in. Winter’s Bone is … Continue reading