Growing pains

My parents were divorced and my mom was mentally ill throughout most of my childhood so I didn’t always learn a lot about how to be a “proper” girl or woman — I’m an adult who is still figuring out liquid liner. In a number of ways, I love that I wasn’t forced into a … Continue reading

The other f-word: On the use and misuse of “fat”

After finishing my eating plan, I promptly went up north with my family and boomeranged in the other direction. The cottage up north is a land filled with Cheetos and licorice and s’mores and beer. Our altar is the kitchen counter. It’s one of my favorite things about the cottage. But after doing my eating … Continue reading

A meditation on yoga

Yoga and I are in a love/hate relationship.  I don’t think there is any other way I can be with it. I go to a studio and I stretch and pull and shape my muscles.  Direct my hips, angle my feet.  I have to work, really work, to relax my face. Ups and downs, planks … Continue reading

Kate Moss’s truth

If one more person approaches me about my weight loss in the hushed whisper of a confidante seeking a dangerous voodoo secret, I may look them straight in the eye and in the same hushed tones, say, “Pain and misery you dumb fucker. Can’t you do simple math?” Not too long ago, Kate Moss took … Continue reading

I want your ugly

When I learned that The Idler was going to devote a week to The Lady herself (Gaga, that is), I thought The F Word might have to opt out, due to obvious subject matter constraints. As I thought more about it, though, I started thinking about the reasons I named this column what I did. … Continue reading