Re-reading, stupid

A week or so ago I had a customer selling books at the used book counter. She had about a dozen mass market romances and a Jodi Picoult hardcover. Usually I don’t remember these details, but this customer stood out. After I took her name and other information and gave her the wait time she … Continue reading

Death, taxes, and telexes

Hilary Tamar, a professor of legal history at Oxford, is devoted to the sacred cause of Scholarship, not to mention Truth. But Hilary (gender unspecified) regularly ditches that high calling to instead investigate and solve crimes in Sarah Caudwell’s four mystery novels about British barristers. I read them all recently and enjoyed the heck out … Continue reading

The author, in and out of shadow

For the past two years, my favorite author, Orson Scott Card, has published a new book very close to my mid-January birthday. I’ve always anticipated his new books with glee. The new publishing dates had made it seem as though he was giving me a new book just for my birthday. It’s pretty much the … Continue reading

Getting together to be alone

Last week I travelled to Chicago to attend a writers’ conference, AWP. AWP is the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. They have a yearly conference in late February where all of the people who belong to AWP, or programs that are associated with AWP, can get together. We attend panels about writing, go to … Continue reading

Where the body is buried

SPOILER ALERT: In this review of Faithful Place, I’m going to talk about how the book ends. I usually shy away from that when I talk about books. It’s my hope that people will actually want to read the books I write about, and often knowing the ending can keep people from picking up the … Continue reading

The stuff of dreams

N. K. Jemisin’s debut book The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was one of the most acclaimed debut novels in recent years. She won the Locus Award for Best First Novel for 2011. Her book was also nominated for the Nebula, the Hugo, and the World Fantasy Award that year. I’d never heard of her. All of … Continue reading

Penelope, still waiting

Hooked by P.D. James’ Death Comes to Pemberley on the idea of reading classics in a new light, I looked for more books where a favorite story of mine had been extended. I had already read a few novels from Darcy’s point of view and none hit the spot. Few authors are talented enough to … Continue reading

An old favorite in new hands

For me, the mark of a great book is that I don’t want it to end. When the number of pages in my right hand dwindles down to nothing and I just want one more page, one more line so I can stay in the book’s world, I know I’ve found a favorite. Sometimes the … Continue reading

Procrastination, or, Why I don’t belong to a book club

I love to read. I love books. I love the cover art and the heft; I love the way they smell and feel. I love short stories and novels. I like nonfiction and I love fiction, especially science fiction. I’ve never been too fond of short poems but I love the epic ones. If I … Continue reading

Watching the book

This past summer summer my husband and I finally got around to painting our living room. The only way I was going to get any painting done was to distract myself with a massive amount of television. I started episode one of Game of Thrones, cracked open a can of paint and I was hooked. … Continue reading