On the outs

September 30th marked my last day working at the bookstore. Now I’m just preparing for baby and trying to work on editing my novel between naps. There are a lot of naps. My first visit to the bookstore was the day after my last day. I had a huge stack of books to buy and … Continue reading

Re-reading, stupid

A week or so ago I had a customer selling books at the used book counter. She had about a dozen mass market romances and a Jodi Picoult hardcover. Usually I don’t remember these details, but this customer stood out. After I took her name and other information and gave her the wait time she … Continue reading

To the mattresses

It’s been a red letter summer. I finally accepted Boston as my home. I climbed a mountain. I ate octopus. I fell deeply in love with John Steinbeck. His words soothed me during the hottest of July days like a cool stream in the Michigan wilderness. His discussion of sin in East of Eden even … Continue reading

Books, brooms, and bad video games

I spent a number of years working in a bookstore in the early 00s, starting shortly after the release of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in 2000. For a character who has appeared in books, films, toys, stickers, a theme park, and who knows what else, it’s always amusing for me to remember … Continue reading