Stirring the pot: How coaching changes landed two ice hockey teams in hot water

A spate of coaching changes rocked the NHL during the regular season. The litany of leadership switches landed ESPN’s front page on the regular and at the time I remember thinking: “Is this really going to help?” There are a zillion good reasons to fire a coach, but seven firing/hiring stunts in about two months … Continue reading

Hockey philosophy: Why are the Red Wings so good?

“Why are the Red Wings so good?” I’m going to see the Flyers play the Red Wings in Philly next week and this question is poking at me. It’s been just a couple weeks since the Wings unseated the 1975-76 Philadelphia Flyers for longest home win streak, so the game feels like it has some … Continue reading


It started when Joel Zumaya faced another setback. Which would seem to be just a very Zumaya-esque form of horrible, gut-wrenchingly unfair luck for a kid who just seems so deserving of success—until I remembered reading this wonderful Sports Illustrated piece about Zoom Zoom’s mechanics. What? What? You mean to tell me that in the … Continue reading