Garlic bread

My grandfather wouldn’t eat garlic. While my family has produced a number of picky eaters, I don’t normally think of my grandfather as having been one of them. I don’t remember running into many things that he wouldn’t eat, although that may be been one of the privileges of eating mostly at one’s own house … Continue reading

Mac and cheese

Everywhere I go, I’m finding macaroni and cheese. Family restaurants like Max and Erma’s have added it to the menu. For a while, Burger King was offering Kraft mac & cheese as an option in its kid’s meals. It’s become the go-to when my wife and I take the girls out to dinner, and it’s … Continue reading

Chicken soup for the sick cook’s soul

Thanks for your patience while I took a week off, dear readers. I rarely get sick but I caught some sort of sinus illness that started off as a fever that had me shivering violently at my desk and coughing up several lungs. I drugged myself up and went to work because I had plans … Continue reading