Convalescence and counting calories

Dear readers, remember that time I said that counting calories was bullshit? Well, I still think that’s true. But now I’m just a hypocrite. A few months ago, after six months of rock climbing and a long walk in bad shoes, I sprained my big toe. Despite being one of the lamest possible injuries, it … Continue reading

My own private food desert

Let me be clear that the title of this article is meant to be an exaggeration — by car, I live a very comfortable two or three minutes from a well-stocked grocery store with plenty of produce and a somewhat self-involved organic food section. (I’m down with organic foods, but this place is set up … Continue reading

On dieting and real food

Because I’ve been traveling nonstop for the last two weeks (from Boston to Springfield back to Boston, to Washington D.C., to Baltimore, to Roseville, Michigan, to Brighton, to Detroit, and back to Boston), I haven’t done any cooking at all. (I did, however, spend a weekend with my aunts and baked the cinnamon rolls again, … Continue reading