Things I should resolve to do in the new year but probably won’t

1. Post fewer pictures of my dogs online or post less about my life in general. Maybe not everyone thinks it’s hilarious when my wiener dog is sleep-farting on the couch. Dachshunds in various states of repose and/or sporting the latest in blanket burrito fashion may only be of interest to other grad school shut-ins. … Continue reading

A tale of a long dog, his girl and the people that saved them

As a person with general anxiety disorder, one of my not-so-favorite pastimes includes imagining the death of my pets. Don’t worry, it’s not an all-the-time thing, it’s a worrying process smooshed in there with contemplating my failures, considering the nasty thoughts my colleagues and superiors are harboring toward me and imagining my own (surely imminent) … Continue reading

How to be a crazy (wiener) dog lady

It’s best, when trying to be a crazy dog lady, to start with a stacked deck. If possible, get born into a family that considers the dachshund of the house to be your equal and sibling. My only sister, for example, was a dachshund-beagle mix named Panfila (may she rest in peace), and residing below … Continue reading

Good dogs, or, Why you should be watching Terriers

Hi, it’s me, Ana Holguin. You might remember me from such Idler posts as “Why you should watch Buffy” and “Why I love My So-Called Life” and “Musings about the children in Mad Men.” And yes, here I am once again bringing you good tidings of a televisual persuasion. I know, I know, you’re thinking, … Continue reading