Prosecco: the perfect accompaniment to love

I believe the first time I tasted prosecco was on the Paris to Milan Artesia night train. It’s called the Stendhal service and that’s a perfect name for a journey between these two cities. Stendhal was the pen name of Marie-Henri Beyle, a French writer well known for his unrequited love for Mathilde, Countess Dembowska, … Continue reading

What that drink says about you

On Saturday, I went out to a sort-of-upscale Irish sports bar in the Lower Haight to watch the Michigan State football game with some other alumni. Besides the fact that there would be other green-and-white-clad people there, the bar’s attraction was their bottomless mimosas. For $8, you could have as many of those little darlings … Continue reading

Candy is dandy, but tequila tastes like Mexico

I fell for tequila long before I ever traveled to Mexico. From what I remember — although tequila memories are always a bit blurry — I’ve never actually fallen because of tequila. That honor goes to the Mexican dark beer, Negra Modelo. Cerveza oscura — dark beer — was my drink of choice on the … Continue reading

A Moscow Mule, in a copper mug

I am mainly a beer drinker, but I like to say I am an “equal opportunity drinker,” so I will try anything once. When I was prepping for my recent journey to the Keweenaw Peninsula (some 550 miles away from me in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), I reached out a friend who attended college in the … Continue reading

Liquid indulgence: a personal history of drinking

My birthday weekend started out so tame. A turkey dinner and a cake with candles with my family, and lots of cooking-related gifts, including this. Went home full, loved. The next day, my cube at work was filled with gifts, flowers, a balloon, and cupcakes. I was feeling all warm and fuzzy. One of my … Continue reading

Drinking & lifing

Living in a college town, when you are still young enough to occasionally be confused with the undergrads and happen to be a grad student yourself (even though you are going to school on nights and weekends while holding down a full-time job), it’s not easy to admit this. In fact, what I am about … Continue reading