San Francisco weekend eats

As most of you already know, I’m getting ready to move from Boston to San Francisco. I’ve never even been there, so I went a few days early to see the apartment and, more importantly, to eat some food. Charlie’s only been there for a month or so, but he’s already done an A-plus job … Continue reading

Take me out

Thanks to a rather fortunate series of circumstances, I’ve been able to avoid going for a big grocery shopping trip for more than two weeks. Here are the tactics I used, and you can use them too to be as lazy as me: 1. Get someone else to cook. Writing a food column that people … Continue reading


I have no problem being alone. Most of the time, I’d rather be alone. As Miss Kate Sloan often says, it’s usually a good day to be me. I’m pretty cool to hang out with. However, I draw the line at eating out by myself. Lunch does not count. Anywhere where I can acceptably read … Continue reading

On being lame: bringing lunch to work

When I first moved to Boston, I had this silly image of myself as some hot, high-powered career bitch, probably wearing a pencil skirt with some incredible heels, but maybe with some hipster glasses to show people that I have a (not-so-)secret life as a writer. I hate Starbucks coffee, but I’d still get a … Continue reading