(Half) Marathon woman

I’ve never been an athlete. The only marathons I’ve ever been interested in are the kinds about special victim units, crime scene investigations, or drag queen reality shows. In elementary school, I hid behind the giant shady tree to avoid my turn at bat on the baseball diamond. In soccer, I’d run around and try … Continue reading

Convalescence and counting calories

Dear readers, remember that time I said that counting calories was bullshit? Well, I still think that’s true. But now I’m just a hypocrite. A few months ago, after six months of rock climbing and a long walk in bad shoes, I sprained my big toe. Despite being one of the lamest possible injuries, it … Continue reading

On the run

Sun is shining, birds are chirping, yes, even here in Michigan. And because this is Michigan, the desire to break out of the house and leap into spring at a full gallop is strong. And because I’m from New Mexico the desire to be out in the sunshine is even stronger. And so I run … Continue reading

A meditation on yoga

Yoga and I are in a love/hate relationship.  I don’t think there is any other way I can be with it. I go to a studio and I stretch and pull and shape my muscles.  Direct my hips, angle my feet.  I have to work, really work, to relax my face. Ups and downs, planks … Continue reading

Kate Moss’s truth

If one more person approaches me about my weight loss in the hushed whisper of a confidante seeking a dangerous voodoo secret, I may look them straight in the eye and in the same hushed tones, say, “Pain and misery you dumb fucker. Can’t you do simple math?” Not too long ago, Kate Moss took … Continue reading

Fitness to the X-treme!

If you’re like me, you’ve been introduced to Tony Horton and his P90X Extreme Workout program through the wonders of the infomercial. Late one sleepless night or in the middle of a lazy Sunday afternoon the television sucked you in with a grainy, “amateurishly” produced cheesefest and, again, the sweetly seductive spell of the wonder … Continue reading