Being myselves: A Facebook story

So, Facebook — it’s the worst, right?! It makes you lonelier, fatter, stupider, uglier, monosyllabic-er, etc. Every day there’s another study, another headline, another TV news segment about how awful and addicting this horrible site is. Every day I see people (on Facebook usually) snarking about other people’s usage of FB or even (bless their … Continue reading

Things I should resolve to do in the new year but probably won’t

1. Post fewer pictures of my dogs online or post less about my life in general. Maybe not everyone thinks it’s hilarious when my wiener dog is sleep-farting on the couch. Dachshunds in various states of repose and/or sporting the latest in blanket burrito fashion may only be of interest to other grad school shut-ins. … Continue reading

Click, click, click

“I thought you’d given that up,” my wife said as she caught me trying to sneak in a few minutes of Mafia Wars.

“I did,” I said.

“And yet there you are: click, click, click.”

I’ve actually given up Mafia Wars several times over the past few years, and, believe it or not, this last time has largely stuck. I may have mastered the New York, Cuba, Moscow, and most of the Bangkok job tiers, acquired more weapons, vehicles, and armor than one could ever reasonably hope to warehouse, but several months ago I went cold turkey. I de-authorized the application from my Facebook account, and I stopped requesting and accepting energy packs, mystery bags, and random “limited time” items from friends and strangers.

I gave it up.



It took me a while to figure out why I would want to log in to Facebook ever again.

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