I almost lost Halloween, or, How AMC saved my Halloween…again

Here we are, just days away from my favorite holiday and I’ve barely even noticed that Halloween is upon us. Life has gotten in the way this year. There has been no time for my nightly veg sessions in front of AMC’s fear fest; no time for the myriad of horror countdowns on the Chiller … Continue reading

From the Vault: Pontypool

Pontypool—which is quite possibly the worst title I’ve ever heard—pays homage to its radio roots right from the start.  Shock Jock Grant Mazzy, expertly played by Stephen McHattie, purrs the story of a local woman’s missing cat over a black screen broken only by a red, skittering sound wave.  I know it sounds mundane, but there’s … Continue reading

The horror years

When I was six years old my mother took myself, her best friend and a station wagon full of children to see Gremlins (1984) at a nearby drive-in theatre. We lay out on the roof, full bags of candy spread out before us. The other children were older than me. I wanted to be brave. And when it came time to drop my mother’s best friend and the other children back off at their home—which sat far back from the street—I remember being left alone in our dark car for what seemed like an eternity, staring at the void below my dangling feet, sure a gremlin’s face would slowly reveal itself. In short, Gremlins destroyed little six year old me. But it also began a lifelong fascination with horror films that was partially nurtured by a pre-cable, metro Detroit television staple: Channel twenty’s Thriller Double Feature.

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Fall of the living dead

If you can watch Night of The Living Dead on an old, 10″ black-and-white television, huddled under a tent made from your own bedding, I’d highly recommend you do so. The more intimate the viewing, the better. In fact, I believe it to be one of those rare horror films that doesn’t necessarily benefit from audience participation. It wants to scare you on a much deeper, more personal level.

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