Butter, browned

I like to think I can work hard on some things, but for the most part, I’ll take the lazy route if you let me. So lately my cooking has consisted of an arsenal of 10 dinners or so and just cycling through them, week after week. Finding a new recipe takes time and then … Continue reading

Cigarettes and coffee: cooking for my grandparents, part 2

(Continued from Part 1) I was anxious, drinking hot coffee, and sweating over a stove in 90-degree weather, but apparently alcohol was the answer. A door slammed in the driveway. My grandparents were 20 minutes early. My grandma came into the room with multiple trays of homemade desserts. We all could’ve had a had a … Continue reading

Vegetable Challenge: (What the h is) chard?

The problem with trying to eat more vegetables is that vegetables are pretty gross. Once I went public with my non-vegetable ways, I received lots and lots of recipes suggesting I drown the veggies in cheese or butter and voila! now I’d have eaten some veggies. But kids, you know that that doesn’t count. If … Continue reading