EarthBound: The grind

I have a deep suspicion that upon completing this game, I will have declared it almost good. The menus are clunky, the level grinding would be tiresome if there wasn’t a auto-fight feature (and, even then, it’s annoying) and whenever I kill a boss I feel relief not satisfaction. I will, however, hold off on … Continue reading

EarthBound: I just don’t know

Despite the screenshot, I am not entirely sure about this game. The game mechanics themselves are uninspired. Kill stuff and gain experience to get new abilities and increase incomprehensible stats at a mathematically consistent rate. And, as I mentioned last time, the enemies are brutal, a misplaced heal and you’re done, which means a lot … Continue reading

FFVII: “Let’s do this thing.”

This game doesn’t mess around. You are thrown right into the action. There isn’t a lengthy prologue intro like some other games (*cough* Zelda *cough*). Our hero, Cloud, jumps off a train and starts fights with Shinra guards. Bam. Let’s go. It reminds of a storytelling technique: “Start the story as late as possible,” also … Continue reading