Trash or treasure: Halloween candy edition

Good morning and Happy Halloween, dear readers! Since most of you aren’t kids, instead of a pillowcase full of half-melted candy, you’re left with makeup cementing your eyes shut, glitter in your hair, welts from your push-up bra, and a headache that even painkillers can’t quite dull. Why were we in such a hurry to … Continue reading

I almost lost Halloween, or, How AMC saved my Halloween…again

Here we are, just days away from my favorite holiday and I’ve barely even noticed that Halloween is upon us. Life has gotten in the way this year. There has been no time for my nightly veg sessions in front of AMC’s fear fest; no time for the myriad of horror countdowns on the Chiller … Continue reading

Very special Halloween specials

Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday. Costumes, candy, and best of all, lots of terrific classic scary movies and Halloween specials! Back in the day Sister and I would come home from trick-or-treating to a warm house where we’d salivate in anticipation while our parents checked our candy. We’d darken the living room and switch … Continue reading

How AMC and TCM saved my Halloween

Every year I lament the state of the Halloween horror movie marathon.  Sure, networks try (A Friday the 13th here, a Nightmare on Elm Street there), but it almost always feels like an obligation and not the indulgence it should be.  What’s Halloween without a proper horror marathon?  Thankfully, this year I didn’t have to ask. … Continue reading

Top 10 traumatizing childhood movie moments

It’s that time of year where we relish in the television programming of numerous month-long horror moviethons. It’s also that time of year when children’s fears are formed by inadvertently catching a glimpse of daddy’s favorite slasher flick. We’ve all been scarred by witnessing something we shouldn’t in movies and television at a young age. … Continue reading

Death, taxes, & remakes

There are two things you can count on in life: Death and Taxes. I say add Remakes to the list. Remakes certainly aren’t a new trend. Alfred Hitchcock even remade one of his own films. The problem is that remakes have ceased to be an innovative take on an old story but instead have become … Continue reading