Our life with Adolf

Oh, Hitler! What would you have thought about how much literary and artistic inspiration your heinous political persona has given the world over the last seventy-odd years? It’s an interesting conundrum to think about how much influence the actions of this failed art student (enveloped in the form of a mad dictator) have had on … Continue reading

(Re)Inventing the past

While in Denver for a summer wedding, I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), a smallish, spare, but amazing space in the city’s downtown. Though contemporary art is thought of by many as bizarre, lacking in subtlety, garish or shocking for the sake of being garish and shocking, the contemporary … Continue reading

Outdoor allure: Why we love the Winter Classic

It started to flurry sometime in the middle of the second period of the 2012 Bridgestone Winter Classic. Just a few wispy, genuine flakes swirling down across a baseball field covered in cottony, fake snow and temporary ice. More than an appearance by The Roots, an array of what appeared to be flaming white trash … Continue reading

Kate Beaton is smarter than all of us

Reading Kate Beaton’s comics makes me feel both smarter and dumber at the same time. If you haven’t heard of the Canadian cartoonist, I’m surprised. Because everyone I tried to show her work to when I first discovered it replied, “Heck yeah, I know her stuff! She’s aaaaawwwweeeesome.” But for those of you who don’t … Continue reading