Wishlist: Over the Boards

I’ve decided to restrict the absurdity of my wishlist by not including a Stanley Cup victory for the Flyers as an item. So as long as we’re clear that I do really wish for that, then what follows are the next best things: 1) Isn’t it obvious? Flyers = my favorite hockey team; Citizen Bank … Continue reading

Coming to a head

Brains haven’t always been such a big deal in the sports world. As the old adage suggests, brawn — tempered by agility and speed — is the stereotypical currency of elite athletics, and hockey is no exception. But thanks, most recently to Sid the Kid, brains are in the spotlight all across the hockey world … Continue reading

Hockey and the machine

The moment I started loving hockey I was ten and sitting, well, standing, actually no, hopping from foot to foot, with my curl-framed face inches from the quivering puck-marked plexiglass. I could have had a staring match with the goalie if he wasn’t adjusting to take on the rushing Flyers’ offence. My slightly rowdy, beer-clad … Continue reading