‘Tis the season (for Christmas books)

In the book world you can expect certain books to be published at certain times. January is full of self-help, diet, and exercise books for all those people making New Year’s resolutions. Summer sees loads of mysteries and an uptick in fiction for women, books about sisters and friends with images of women on beaches … Continue reading

Holiday party food and foibles: grown-up edition

Sometimes I forget that I’m a grownup. I still feel like I’m only 21. Every now and then, something will remind me that I’m no longer the target audience for Ke$ha’s music. This week I had drinks with someone born in 1990. I get cranky about the music that’s popular—why is it all club music? … Continue reading

A Bob Clark Christmas

Little Ralphie just wants a damned BB gun for Christmas and all anyone can say to him is “you’ll shoot your eye out.”  Adults are always shooting a BB into the eye of their children’s hopes and dreams. Odds are you’re at least somewhat familiar with Bob Clark’s holiday classic A Christmas Story (1983).  It … Continue reading