Kate Moss’s truth

If one more person approaches me about my weight loss in the hushed whisper of a confidante seeking a dangerous voodoo secret, I may look them straight in the eye and in the same hushed tones, say, “Pain and misery you dumb fucker. Can’t you do simple math?” Not too long ago, Kate Moss took … Continue reading

Interview with Peter Konig

Peter Konig’s resume is staggering. The visual effects artist, conceptual designer and animator has worked on a massive list of feature films, including Dragonheart (1996), Starship Troopers (1997), Beowulf (2007), Enchanted (2007), Splice (2009) and countless others. Konig was also the art director of Evolution (2001), as well as a contributing talent to the video … Continue reading

N*gger Wetb*ck Ch*nk

N*gger Wetb*ck Ch*nk is a critically acclaimed, renegade stage show about race and racism. Sporting only three actors who reflect the “characters” in the title, and using a combination of theater, stand up and slam poetry, this smart comedy has been a runaway hit throughout the US. The New York Times has called it “A … Continue reading

Tom Bissell’s 2010 top ten

Tom Bissell is the author of Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter, one of Amazon.com’s 10 best nonfiction books of 2010. Since my gameplay tends to skew towards older games, re-releases, and games sold in red “Greatest Hits” packaging, I asked him via email for his 10 favorite games from 2010. 1. Metro 2033 XBox … Continue reading