Getting started, or, Taking it slow with vegetables

I’m not a good cook. I’m an okay cook. Sometimes I can whip up something awesome like lemon chicken parmesan with a white wine sauce and (instant) mashed potatoes. Sometimes I’d rather just have cereal for dinner. I have to call my mom with questions a lot, like—“How can I defrost the shrimp right now because I’m starving, without giving myself food poisoning?” (Answer: there is no fast way. You will probably eat so many Wheat Thins while waiting for the shrimp to defrost that you won’t be hungry when it’s ready to cook. But then you’ll have to cook it anyway.)

Despite what it sounds like (as if I’m constantly stuffing my face), I try to eat healthy. I’m in a pretty new and fragile relationship with vegetables. We’re taking it slow. We had an incident with stir fry that made me feel like I was moving too fast, so I’m going to have to learn to trust that it will all be okay and not horrible.

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