EarthBound: Pay phones and save states

I taken more stabs at this Earthbound/Mother 2 than I care to admit and each time I ended up the one murdered. Heaven knows it isn’t the weirdness. I’ve spent the better part of my life in weirdness, much of which happens to be Japanese. FLCL and The Tatami Galaxy, both coming-of-age, fourth-wall breaking, culturally … Continue reading

FFVII: “Let’s do this thing.”

This game doesn’t mess around. You are thrown right into the action. There isn’t a lengthy prologue intro like some other games (*cough* Zelda *cough*). Our hero, Cloud, jumps off a train and starts fights with Shinra guards. Bam. Let’s go. It reminds of a storytelling technique: “Start the story as late as possible,” also … Continue reading

FFVII: Navigating the third dimension

Well, Andrew, Don Corneo picked me, so I’ve made a good start. I’m also officially now into uncharted territory: my first attempt at playing through FFVII ended when I couldn’t quite figure out how to pull together the cross-dressing mission in the Wall Market area. I’m a bit embarrassed that by my current game’s clock, … Continue reading

FFVII: Again for the first time

I’ve long considered myself a big Final Fantasy fan, but for someone who talks about the series so much, I’ve always considered it something of a shameful secret that I’ve never played more than a couple of hours of the game that many people consider to be the greatest RPG of all time, Final Fantasy … Continue reading

FFVII: Revisted

An RPG (or role-playing game, for you normals) is perhaps my favorite type of video game. I’ve certainly spent the most hours playing them over any other type of game. Why? The story. The characters. I get sucked in and I don’t want to leave. This is why I won’t go near World of Warcraft—it … Continue reading


Thirteen years ago, at the age of seventeen, I saw the opening for Final Fantasy VII for the first time. I was so excited with the opening sequence (remember this game’s graphics were incredible for the time) that I cut class for a week* and barreled through the first disk. The game itself, if you … Continue reading