To fight, or not to fight

Now that I live in Philly there is no shortage of people to talk hockey with, but even after Sunday night’s WWF matchup hockey game between the deplorable Penguins and the Flyers, most have either been content to shrug and say “that’s playoff hockey” or are still foaming at the mouth from all the excitement. … Continue reading

Goal song madness

I’m pretty bummed about my March Madness picks this year, which is why I’m not making any predictions about the imminent NHL playoffs. To be fair, my secret March Madness sauce involves a complex model based on team color and mascot. Not exactly the stuff sports analyst careers are made of. Still, I’m not really … Continue reading

Top 5 movies to watch when no one’s watching

I’m not a Friends fanatic or anything, but there are a few moments from that show that are so spot-on awesome. One of these is when the pals play a trivia game based on (what else?) themselves. Through their game show-like line of questioning we come to learn that Chandler’s TV Guide arrives addressed to … Continue reading

The top 10 movies I’ll miss most now that the Starz deal has expired

Let us all take a moment of silence for all the unwatched Starz movies that are no longer streaming as of today:   The Pixar Story – Really regretting that I never got around to watching this documentary about the Pixar studio since it’s not even available on DVD now.  Toy Story 3 – You’re … Continue reading

Date this, not that

We’ve all seen those little segments on fluffy morning “news” shows or the similar comparative layouts in fitness magazines — those ones that urge you to substitute one high-calorie meal for a delicious but healthier alternative. Eat this, not that, they say. You can have a black coffee, sausage sandwich and an orange for the … Continue reading

Wishlist: The Casual Gamer

XBox 360 with Kinect Last year, the PS2 was my console recommendation, based on the assumption that “Casual Gamer” readers are either relative non-gamers, or already own whatever console(s) they really want. This year, coming to the end of the lifespan of the current generation of consoles, prices are down, game libraries are deep, and … Continue reading

Wishlist: The Cinephiles

A new P.T. Anderson film So apparently The Master is back on! It looks like I got my Christmas wish from last year after all! I just had to be patient, which is a virtue I have in spades. WHAT?! It’s STILL in post?! Mother… Surround sound As a child I owned a tiny, red-and-white … Continue reading

Wishlist: The Friendly Foodie

Now that I have kids, I spend more time than I would like thinking about packages to put under a tree. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly fond of stuff, and I’ve rediscovered a great deal of the fun of Christmas morning now that I get to see the excitement in my daughters’ eyes. Still, … Continue reading

Wishlist: Over the Boards

I’ve decided to restrict the absurdity of my wishlist by not including a Stanley Cup victory for the Flyers as an item. So as long as we’re clear that I do really wish for that, then what follows are the next best things: 1) Isn’t it obvious? Flyers = my favorite hockey team; Citizen Bank … Continue reading

Wishlist: Dysphonia

I would like to think that I could whip up a nice, juicy list of things that I desperately want for myself this year. “I would like to” being the operative word as it has proven to be a struggle. Here goes: Opika Pende, Africa at 78 RPM Dust-To-Digital Records This set looks amazing, there … Continue reading