The media is the message

I really had every intention of skipping the presidential debates this year. It’s not as if I am an undecided voter. Far from it, as I consider many of my inherent civil rights to be at risk this year more than in any year past. And it’s not as if I don’t enjoy a good … Continue reading

Let me tell you a story

Video games are a troublesome medium. Rogert Ebert, famously, isn’t convinced that they’re art. Even those of us who love video games are often apologetic. Yes, many video games are just terrible. Yes, it’s true that no video game can stand up to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, or Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, or Ulysses. … Continue reading

Food porn

Just which set of lips is this supposed to wet, exactly? I ask myself. It’s late, I am alone, bathed in the light of the television, taking in noises of pleasure that transcend all language barriers. You can’t blame me for watching. I flipped to it on accident. And now I can’t look away. The … Continue reading