EarthBound: I don’t feel well

I was going to give up on this whole “my life is a lot like EarthBound right now” thing, or at least dial it back a little. Really I was. And then last Monday, as I was having pizza with old Lansing friends who no longer live in Lansing at our favorite Lansing pizza place … Continue reading

EarthBound: A flying metal tube

EarthBound does not begin with a plane ride. This, to me, right now, is the one place where the game feels wrong. In 1995, a 10-year-old would have been able to get on an airplane alone. (I did, as a 10-year-old, and while I don’t remember specifically, chances are that I did as a 16-year-old … Continue reading

Earthquakes and cupcakes

Hello from the west coast, dear readers, where I wake up three hours later than most of my friends and every day begins foggy and ends up clear-skied and perfect. My boxes are mostly unpacked, except for those ones labeled “?” and “I don’t even know.” (True story.) I sometimes look out the window and … Continue reading