The Catalano factor—TV boys who look good but aren’t good for you

1. Jordan Catalano Mysterious, floppy-haired, droopy-jeaned, an excellent leaner, Jordan Catalano of My So-Called Life is the archetypal irresistible slacker bad boy of your dreams. He seems perfect because (besides being beautiful) he is quiet and deep, soulful, full of longing. He plays guitar, wears vintage/thrift store clothes (or is he poor?! Sad puppy!) and … Continue reading

Missing My So-Called Life

I’ve always loved T.V. Happy Days, Reading Rainbow, a long line of gritty crime dramas. I was the only kid (besides my brother) that I knew of who was allowed to watch Johnny Carson before bedtime. “Just the monologue, then I promise I’ll go to sleep, Daddy.”

Still, though there’s enough room in my heart for a sick amount of network, cable, HBO and Showtime programming, only a certain handful of those shows can actually shut my little ticker down and make it bleed pure joy and sadness all at once. My So-Called Life (ABC, 1994-1995, may she rest in peace) is one of those heart-rending shows.

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