From BSG to Outcasts: A guide to ripping off your favorite TV show in 5 easy steps

“If you like Battlestar Galactica then you’ll love Outcasts!” At least that’s what the producers of Outcasts are probably hoping you’ll say. Unfortunately at only 8 episodes long, Outcasts is a mere shadow of the show it aspires to be. Steal The Plot Plots are hard! I know, it’s okay. The home planet of humans … Continue reading

The good, the bad, and the Gaga

I love Lady Gaga—her power, her passion, her snake-skin Alexander McQueen armadillo/hoof shoes. As someone who enjoys kitsch, camp, pop culture and excess, Gaga’s arrival on the world stage was exciting, titillating and dangerous. Why dangerous? Well, I liked her immediately, but I pretended to myself that this wasn’t the case. She’s too pop. Too … Continue reading

Hagen, Galas, Gaga: The evolution of the post-punk chanteuse

Like many witness to the Lady Gaga phenomenon, I saw the burgeoning celebrity popping up here and there in her eye-catching, show-stopping ensembles, and I had no idea what her music sounded like. I pictured a possibly screeching and borderline unlistenable (in the best possible way, of course) new incantation of opera-slayer Diamanda Galas: a … Continue reading