A Shepard prepares

I have always been a great player of pretend. I love telling stories. As I child, I was often accused of having an overactive imagination. When I’d play outside with the neighborhood kids, I’d go beyond the typical “cops and robbers” and do “mob boss versus grizzled detective who’s getting too old for this stuff,” … Continue reading

Keeping it weird: A night with Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford

In her 2009 comedy album Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome, Maria Bamford prefaces a bit about aging with the following warning: “This joke might fall under the category of something only I enjoy.”  This is one of those cases where it’s funny ‘cause it’s true.  Though I find Bamford’s work hilarious, playful, darkly intelligent, and fun, I’ve … Continue reading

Slammed at the Moth Story Slam

If you’ve never heard of the Moth Story Slam here’s what it is: Awesome. Every month Cliff Bell’s in downtown Detroit hosts this fantastic little competition MC’d by the hilarious Alex Trajano of WDET. The idea is people from the audience throw their name in a hat and ten people are chosen to tell a … Continue reading