Unpacking loss, unpacking Nox

You can’t know grief until you experience grief.  Its pain is ineffable. It socks your body and mind and ruins all sense of reason, meaning. Anything you’ve believed or held true becomes subject to question when someone you care for passes away because something impossibly ridiculous has happened — a living breathing someone gives up … Continue reading

Unlikely bedfellows

The other day I was taking my nerdiness to a whole new level on poetryfoundation.org. A friend had tipped me off to a series the site ran a few years ago called “The Poem as Comic Strip.” The project asks some of the most respected and celebrated comic artists of today to interpret any poem … Continue reading

For Tim

FOR TIM suggesting I name ten things I truly believe, which is really fucking impossible I believe in Bobby Higginson the working class hero my father who rises every morning before it is morning to hurl watt after watt like lightning bolts from the open blisters of his palms. I believe in being five my … Continue reading

Love Letter Postmarked Michigan and Trumball

It’s time. Pitchers and catchers have reported to Lakeland. I saw five birds on my run yesterday. The snow is melting. We’re (allegedly) going to have an early spring. It’s a day after Valentine’s, and all I can think about is how much I love the Tigers. LOVE LETTER POSTMARKED MICHIGAN AND TRUMBALL It’s the … Continue reading

Cardinal Dreams

Cardinal Dreams 1. Firebird, Thunderbird, Sunbird they all seemed the same to me their headlights like eyes unmoving, blank. 2. The Phoenix Center in downtown Pontiac, somewhere near the Fiero plant and Fischer Body where Johnny Cash worked three weeks alongside Abuelito, building the 1951 models. 3. Johnny Cash joining the Air Force, Abuelito’s old … Continue reading

Miggy and the minors

First Joel Zumaya’s beautiful right elbow went supernova, a truly sickening thing to watch in real time, as I did, tearing up because I just want to hug the boy and tell him, it’s ok, son, you’ve got one more brutal recovery and storybook comeback in you.

Then in rapid succession: Brandon Inge (fractured hand) Magglio Ordonez (broken ankle) and Carlos Guillen (calf strain) fall like dominos, as though they were all single file on the third base line, just waiting their turn.

Which brings us to now. Take a look at Sunday’s starting lineup for the Bless You Boys:

A Jackson CF
W Rhymes 2B
R Raburn LF
M Cabrera 1B
J Peralta SS
B Inge 3B
B Boesch DH
C Wells RF
A Avila C

It’s Miggy and the minors!

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