What I’m Watching: Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect (NBC, Thursdays) First and foremost, watch the original British Prime Suspect starring Helen Mirren. That woman is a goddess for a reason. I watched the series over the summer and was blown away by how intensely it activated my emotions, mostly anger, toward the patriarchy. This program, along with its new American counterpart … Continue reading

The badges behind the bat

One of the best things to come out of Batman: The Animated Series—and there were a number of great things that came out of Batman: The Animated Series—was the character of Renee Montoya. As a uniformed patrolwoman, Montoya starts off as the smart, straight-laced junior foil to the self-serving, corner-cutting, Batman-hating Detective Harvey Bullock. They’re … Continue reading

Watching the detectives

By nature I’m impatient. I find watching shows during their regular season excruciating, the week (or WEEKS) between episodes is an eternity. I’m strictly a marathon girl. I consume words and film voraciously. I watch entire seasons of a show on a Sunday. I read graphic novels in single sitting, breaking only for grilled cheese … Continue reading