So you’re going to the USGP

The McLaren follow-up piece languishes, almost-but-not-quite there. In the meantime, I was asked by friends to provide some sort of column describing what to pack for the quickly approaching United States Grand Prix (USGP). I’ve been to three grand prix weekends (2005, 2006, and 2007) and I have a planning streak a mile wide. While … Continue reading

Of Twitter and tifosi

Rivalries — particularly between organizations — intrigue me. The rivalry between Ferrari and McLaren is particularly interesting, especially considering the relatively small world of Formula 1. I’ve touched on this before — twelve teams make up the current Formula 1 ranks. While each team employs hundreds to staff their Formula 1 operations, the actual number … Continue reading

Shut up and drive

Photo Credit: nic_r (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike) November 11, 2011 I’m sitting in a small barbecue restaurant over 800 miles from home, having a spirited conversation with a couple of friends about Kimi Raikkonen and his chances of coming back to Formula 1 for the 2012 season after his abrupt 2009 departure. Raikkonen’s been … Continue reading

How to be an F1 geek

Many people believe geekdom is defined by a love of a thing, but I think […] that the true sign of a geek is a delight in sharing a thing. […] When a geek sees someone else grooving on the thing they love, their reaction is to say “ZOMG YOU LOVE WHAT I LOVE COME … Continue reading