Radio gaga

In the Winter of 2004, at the behest of our store’s promotions coordinator I participated in my first radio show. In Lansing there is a local city newspaper named City Pulse, founded and edited by a fellow named Berl Schwartz. I was asked to call in on a Saturday morning to comment on something, in … Continue reading

Dysphonia on the air

Hello Readers— I just wanted to pass along this note to you, our devoted followers, that tonight, Friday February 25th I will be hosting the grooviest radio show in all of Northern Michigan, Soul Possession on WNMC 90.7fm in Traverse City. The show starts at 9pm and runs to 11pm EST. You can check out … Continue reading

The customer is always right, and this jerk is a customer

Legendary radio and television comedian Jack Benny has been on my ‘to do’ list of Idler topics for a little while, and what better time of year to highlight what is still the funniest Christmas TV show I have ever seen: the 1960 “Christmas Shopping” episode of The Jack Benny Program. As a child I … Continue reading